Tessa Shates

Tessa headshot 2020

Ph.D. Candidate, 2016-Present
University of California, Riverside
Department of Entomology
Entomology Building
Riverside, CA 92521
Email: tessa.shates@email.ucr.edu

Website: tshates.github.io

B.S. — University of California, Irvine, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests
Tessa is interested in studying how plant-produced chemical cues mediate interactions between plants and insect vectors that transmit plant pathogens. Using economically important plant viruses that occur in natural and managed plant communities, Tessa will explore how disease progression is affected by pathogen-host co-evolutionary history and a pathogen’s genetic diversity.

When Tessa isn’t in the lab or in class, she is out hiking, rock climbing and finding adventures.

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